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EMTP Public Presentation!

On Tuesday, June 5th 2018, the Expectant Mothers Program will be making a presentation about our program at the monthly meeting for the Inter-Agency Network of Palm Beach County. The presentation will begin at 8:45am and is open to organizations and the public. Admission is free. Hope to see you there!

The address is:

Children’s Home Society Bldg., ground floor

3333 Forest Hill Blvd.

West Palm Beach, FL 33406

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Stigma & Fear

I was doing more research today for our big presentation on June 5th (more to come!) and I read some disturbing yet accurate articles about the stigma pregnant women (and others) suffering from addiction face. You might first think stigma is something you may have experienced back in high school when. you wore the wrong clothes or said something unexpected in class. Well, you’d be right in that stigma is a lot like judgment, but you’re wrong if you think all that ended in high school.

Today we were talking yet again about how to find our patients for our treatment program, but couldn’t make a decision. How do we reach them? There is no cultural or social gathering place for pregnant women taking drugs. It is judged so harshly by society that support groups or gatherings are almost unheard of. They usually (not always, but often) lack a social circle or group, because they are embarrassed or hiding either the addiction, the pregnancy, or both. They don’t go to the doctor’s office because of the stigma they face from the Ob-Gyn, doctor, or nurses. Or maybe they are more concerned with scoring drugs than attending prenatal visits. They avoid contact with almost everyone, so how do we reach out to this population?

The sad recommendation came up after yet another brainstorming session. We need to be calling emergency rooms and detox centers. Those are really the only two health care related places you might encounter a pregnant addict. This realization brought me up short. How can we as a society have turned our backs on a population so firmly that they have to end up in the hospital for us to notice them? With the opioid epidemic in full swing, these women are facing more backlash than ever. In some states they face jail time if they are caught using while pregnant. They deserve a chance to make more of their life and the life of their child. They deserve the chance to get treatment and feel what it’s like to be a healthy mom holding a healthy baby. The Expectant Mothers Treatment Program wants to help make that happen.

If anyone has any other ideas of organizations to contact or places to check into to find this population, let me know in a comment below. Thanks for your help!

The Expectant Mothers Treatment Program

The Expectant Mothers Treatment Program


The Beaches Treatment Center first opened its doors in 2013 with the idea of helping individuals with substance abuse. Over the last five years, they’ve provided services for the needs of a large population seeking sobriety in South Florida. In 2018, the Center decided to create a new program for a more marginalized population they discovered while working with substance users: pregnant women addicted to or abusing substances. This required a certain type of licensure, a lot of research about evidenced-based practices and specialized treatment approaches, but we are finally ready to open our doors for the first time!


The Expectant Mothers Treatment Program is a nonjudgemental association focused on the well-being of birth mothers and their babies. We offer a customizable, multi-professional programs designed for each individual and intended to eliminate the gap in services for pregnant women battling addiction. We offer a continuum of care and ongoing support for individuals attempting to achieve sobriety and become better mothers.


We want to empower women through education, implement proper strategies according to each individual’s situation and current needs, and provide consistent care and support for pregnant women battling addiction and re-learning to become self-sufficient, productive members of our society. Most importantly, our goals are to have healthy moms and healthy babies.


We have intake coordinators who are available 24/7 to take your call at any time, then put you in contact with an admissions specialist who works closely with our clinical director to tailor your program needs. We believe every woman and her pregnancy are different and they deserve individualized plans. We currently have over 20 services we offer clients, including Dual Diagnosis treatment, parenting classes, life skills, and career counseling. Every woman will attend group and individual counseling, as well as receive regular treatment from an Ob-Gyn and addictionologist, both high risk pregnancy specialists. Our housing is in an area where the decision to stay sober is reinforced and does not include the temptations redolent in other neighborhoods.

The Expectant Mothers Program accepts insurance plans, out of network coverage. Currently, we do not accept Medicaid. We do offer self-pay, sliding scale arrangements, or potential scholarships for clients.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please click on the contact
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