The Beaches Treatment Center

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The Expectant Mothers Treatment Program is a new branch of The Beaches Treatment Center, which began helping men and women with substance abuse issues in 2013.

The Beaches Treatment Center, centrally located in South Florida, is the rehabilitation capitol of the world. The Beaches Treatment Center is a premier drug and alcohol outpatient treatment center that addresses the mind, body and spirit while offering practical solutions for seemingly overwhelming obstacles. Just one mile from the beach, they utilize the very spirit of nature to begin your renewal. The mind, body and spirit finds rebirth with yoga and meditation on the beach. Respecting your body, you learn how to truly nourish the body with proper nutrition.

The Beaches Treatment Center offers a variety of traditional outpatient addiction treatment programs including education, self-diagnosis, relapse prevention techniques and the development of a sober support network. Patients will have choices of group sessions in the evenings, during the day and weekends to accommodate work and school schedules. Their intensive outpatient treatment programs are ideal for anyone who is serious about addiction recovery and reaping the benefits of maintaining a life of sobriety.


phone: 888.670.9424 | 561.740.6765

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